Activated Carbon NZ is a black residue that consists of carbon and any remaining ash. It's naturally obtained by removing volatile constituents from animal and vegetation substances. It's produced by slow pyrolysis, transformation of a substance produced by the action of heat in the absence of oxygen.

Found in impure form of carbon, it contains ash. For ages, it has been used for a number of purposes including art, medicine and cooking. Most importantly, it has been used as a metallurgical fuel. Apart from this, BBQ charcoal is the traditional fuel used in a blacksmith's forge and many other applications where intense heat is required. Traditional methods of cooking still depend on charcoal fire.

You can buy the BBQ charcoal accessories online to set the Charcoal NZ on fire quickly for cooking. It helps you burn charcoal within the minimum possible time thereby allowing you to prepare delicious food. These products remain in great demands across the market, owing to their durability, non-interrupted functionality, user-friendliness and many other features.