There probably isn't a person on this planet who doesn't know Santa Claus. But we wondered, does everyone know the story of this kindly grandfather, where the reindeer came from, and how the modern image of Santa was formed?

We tell the magical story of the Christmas symbol in our article, and as a bonus, a little vocabulary so you can tighten up your holiday vocabulary. Happy holidays, everyone!

Many people mistakenly believe that Santa Claus and Santa Claus are the same character, just represented differently in different countries. Yes, they can be called "colleagues" in a sense. But the thing is that Ded Moroz is a folklore ritual hero who lives in Veliky Ustyug, and Santa Claus has a real prototype - Saint Nicholas.


Saint Nicholas was born not at all in Lapland, as some think, but in modern Turkey, in Myra of Lycia, in 253 A.D. in a rather wealthy family. In his youth, while traveling as a pilgrim to Egypt and Palestine, Nicholas, upon his return to Lycia, became bishop in the city of Myra. After distributing all his inheritance to the needy, he worshipped at the holy places and returned to Patar to his uncle-bishop. It was under his influence that Nicholas later became bishop of Myra.

Fishermen and sailors regarded Nicholas as their patron saint, and children did not want to lose heart in him. According to legends, Nicholas worked real miracles. Once, he was able to calm a storm with his prayer, saved a sinking ship, and brought a sailor who fell from the mast of the ship back to life. According to another legend, a rich man from Nicholas' hometown went bankrupt and fell into such poverty that he offered his three daughters to earn a living from their beauty. To save the beauties, Nicholas crept up to his father's house at night and planted sacks of gold in the stockings, which the girls had hung out on the porch after washing. From all the miracles performed by Nicholas, customs gradually arose, and in popular perception he became a symbol and arranger of happiness and the fulfillment of wishes.

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