The materials in the skill's gathering element are most useful. Every artifact requires specific materials RS3 Accounts. It is enjoyable to trade and exchange with other players to get the appropriate materials. The majority of XP is spent on fixing an artefact. Once they're completed, you'll earn a huge chunk of XP. What can you do with the artifacts after they're completed?

Welcome to the newly refurbished Dig Site located in Varrock, where you'll make that choice regularly. This is an important part of the skill that we believe you'll enjoy. After each dig, you'll decide if you'd like to throw it away or save it.

It is your decision whether to give it away, which could include the most loved characters, such as Wise Old Man or Bentnoze. Do you keep it in an art gallery? They'll give you chronotes which is a new currency that can also be used for kick-ass rewards. Do you keep it for your own use, in case you discover a possible use for it in the future?

Why must I complete the Fate of the Gods postquest content for the Completionist Cape instead of the Song From The Depths afterquest content? What is the reason for this instead being a Trimmed requirement buy osrs infernal cape? Why is it an unlocked requirement for Trimmed to gain the museum's Kudos to the Completionist Cape?