Anxiety is a common and natural bodily response to a perceived danger. This response is triggered by a combination of biochemical changes in the body, the person's personal history, Martha Stewart CBD Gummies memory, and social situation. It is important to know the difference between anxiety as a feeling or experience and an anxiety disorder as a psychiatric diagnosis. A person with fear or worry may not have an anxiety disorder and a person facing a present danger or fear is not usually considered to be in a state of anxiety. Anxiety is a common symptom of other psychiatric disturbances or condition. Anxiety is related to fear, but these two are not of the same kind. Fear is a direct and focused response to a specific event or object of which the person is aware of since they will become genuine afraid of the event or object while anxiety is often unfocused and there is no specific cause of the anxiety.

There are instances wherein the anxiety that are experienced in the present maybe the cause of an event or person that produced pain and fear in the past. Most people who are experiencing this feeling may not be consciously aware of the original source of the feeling. Anxiety can give you a feeling of remoteness that makes it hard for people with this condition to compare experiences. Most people are commonly fearful of physical dangerous event thus making fear as an appropriate response in a present danger while anxiety may be triggered by individual and objects and situations that are quite unique and not because of some immediate danger.



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