To welcome Halloween, the players of Animal Crossing need to be prepared. According to the game settings, the Halloween event time is limited. Players need to carry out activities in a limited time. The player's time is limited, and in a limited time, the player needs to do a lot of work. Therefore, players should prepare in advance and collect the materials they need.

On Halloween night, players will receive Halloween Tsar Jack. Pumpkin Prince is a generous guest. he will hand out good things in exchange for candy or lollipops.  Players can also choose Buy ACNH NMT to prepare a large number of candies. The event will last until midnight, during which players can trick or treat without giving candies and exchange candies for recipes and lollipops.

Experienced players recommend that novice players collect about 15 candies at the beginning to get the most benefit from the event. Players in strange costumes can quickly attract the attention of other villagers. The villagers of Animal Crossing have been preparing for Halloween. The main method involves making Spooky DIY furniture at home.

By distributing candies to villagers, players will be able to obtain lollipops. This process does not guarantee that you will get a lollipop. To enjoy the Halloween atmosphere, players can also go to the ACBellsBuy website to choose their favorite items. Players can choose Buy ACNH Items to exchange items with their favorite partners. Once the player gave Jack two candies in exchange for a copy of his classic Animal Crossing costume, the czar would start asking for lollipops.

In addition to preparing ghostly furniture, players also need to obtain a set of clothing from the store. A variety of different appearances are provided, but it may take some time to gather all the necessary parts. Players who are lucky enough to allow Kicks to visit their islands will also be able to get some accessories. Finally, residential services provide ghostly skin or eye colors for the Halloween season.