Should you die you do not lose your stuff you merely lose the ores you have mined from Charm Furnace (That is what I termed it doesn't have to be title that lol) and you awake in the pup pin with OSRS gold (in case you left your dog with the Pet store owner) your dog slobbering on your face or (if you did not leave your dog with the Pet store owner) some random dog pulling at your leg with sharp teeth.

Other participant can strike you in some specific regions from the Charm Furnace when they another dragon-rock fall kills you can shoot Charm ores you drop and if you are carrying any time the charms its self.... Whatever that you get in the cavern can be dropped (besides things from arbitrary events) but everything that you bring in can't be lost in the Mini Game.

You cannot bring a dog, cat, monkey or a comfortable or recognizable pouch to the cavern the strain from another measurement is too much due to their essence. The reason you cant bring a dog, cat, fighter there is because they can get hurt to easily, the lizards that are not dragons can evade falling stones and hide easily upon your individual away from the creatures, along with the dragons, well nothing really can damage that creature.... The birds can just fly away from the stones and monsters no problem...please be aware that if you attract the pets that are allowed you cannot lose them during passing in the Mini Game.

How to play with the Mini Game,Well I think I clarified as much in'Access the Mini Game' but if you're to lazy to see that I will explain exactly what you need (following the flame lighting) to range-mine you might require a rope (in case you have 70 range and 50 power ) and RS 2007 Gold you'll require a pick axe your ok with shedding and 50 range together with the required mining level for your ore your planning on getting.