As the distribution of A-level outcomes on 13 August gravitated toward the board met in long distance race meetings, some running until late around evening time, as contention ejected over the evaluations granted by its factual model being utilized to supplant tests. Williamson needed the Exam Dumps controller to permit a lot more extensive justification for claim, and on 11 August Ofqual's board heard that the instruction secretary had recommended understudies ought to rather be granted their school-surveyed reviews or be permitted to utilize mock test results in the event that they were higher. Ofqual offered to supplant its evaluations with "unregulated" informal outcome testaments dependent on school or test focus appraisals, however that was dismissed by Williamson. Exchanges over the utilization of counterfeit tests proceeded into the evening of 11 August. In the day's subsequent crisis meeting the board found that the DfE had passed its by with a declaration that "was generally revealed in the media while this gathering was as yet in meeting". The gathering finished near 12 PM. During the debate, Ofqual distributed and afterward unexpectedly withdrawn approaches on the utilization of fake test grades the end of the week after A-level outcomes were distributed, with three separate crisis gatherings held that Exam Dumps Sunday. Not long after, Ofqual withdrew and rejected its evaluations for those surveyed by schools for both A-levels and GCSEs..