However, I've noticed that on some fan sites they've identified items that RuneScape gold include the same low alch money gained as they sell to general stores, however this is not the case with willow long (u) because when you lower alch them, you'll receive 64gp per item, however, when you sell it to general store, you get 16 while the STORE can sell at 64gp per pound. I was wondering if there was a universal equation that could be used for any item or only for specific items.

I was interested in that matter and searched the databases of items online. One website claimed that Armadyl godswords can be bought for 0 gp from the general stores. That is not true. Bows are common items that adhere to the "multiply with 4" rule. They sell them at 1 gp, then they sell it again at 4 gp.

Please inform me of the standard or norm for every item. I'd love to to relax or sell all my stuff and then buy them back. Ok, this tome is in need of help with the treasure trails.I know if u already have one in your inventory or bank, you wont recieve one. It could take quite a while to finish. Today my problem is ...(drum roll )...I cannot get it like I used to, what im trying to say is no one dropping them anymore. I have no luck changing the difficulty of my clue scroll. I do not have one in in my bank account.

If you know anything I'd appreciate it. My seconfd problem is ....(again )......I need the seroius of money. I have run out of cash lately, so I was curious if anyone could give me some suggestions. See the statistics below for more information. The chances of finding clue scrolls are totally random. It can be obtained after 500 kills or 5 kills. This could just be an unlucky streak. If you're persistent long enough with similar monsters, there's a high chance that you'll eventually get one.

And if your RS status is Freeplay, you will not be able to get clue scroll drops, because they are members-only drops. But, I'll assume that buy rs3 gold you haven't updated your RS Status:lol.