Formatting of the abstract is subject to certain requirements. The abstract is made on standard sheets of writing paper (format A 4) in a computer version. The exact volume of the abstract depends on the topic and the number of worked out sources, and the task that the author has set himself, but must be at least 25 pages of text, typed in Times New Roman font, size 14, line spacing is exactly 18 pt. For this you need to be able to write well, if you don't know how, then turn to the service

The text should be placed on one side of the sheet with mandatory margins (left margin - 30 mm, right - 10 mm, top and bottom - 15 mm) and sequential numbering of the sheets.

Page numbering is placed in the middle of the upper margin of the sheet. The title page of the essay is considered to be the first page, the table of contents - the second. You can turn to the professionals for recording essays on the service  EssayAssistant marketing assignment help

Headings and subheadings are separated from the main text by three intervals at the top and bottom.

The main text is presented in any form. In the course of the material the author may refer to other authors, all kinds of sources (documents, maps, tables, charts, etc.), which should be placed after the text, for help there is a site

Appendix - part of the abstract, which has additional reference value, necessary for a more complete coverage of the topic. In terms of form and content applications are diverse: tables, charts, graphs, drawings, maps, photographs, samples, etc.


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