This week, we released the first research report on the digital status of the chemical industry, and looked forward to the development trend of the industry in the next few years. The survey was prepared in close cooperation with the German Institute of statistics, which also helped to collect responses.

In the survey, respondents working for chemical companies were asked ten questions about the following topics:

The overall impact of digitization on daily work

Major challenges facing the future chemical industry

What preparations have the chemical industry made for digitalization

Proportion of digital business transactions in chemical industry

Digital sales or purchasing channels and why they are used

Influence of digitalization of chemical company on daily sales and purchase

The survey asked respondents if they thought digitization would affect their personal work in the future. The vast majority (84%) believe that their personal work will be affected by digitalization in the future.

When asked to what extent digitization has affected their daily work in sales or purchasing, more than half of the respondents said that their daily work has been strongly or very strongly affected by digitization.

Looking at the results, our respondents are ready for this share to grow in the next few years.

What preparations have the chemical industry made for digitalization?

When we asked the respondents of the industry about the industry's preparation for the digital era, less than half of the respondents thought that the chemical industry was fully prepared. Surprisingly, when asked about the company that they work for, 57% think their company is well prepared.

This is an interesting gap that needs close attention in the future. It shows how chemical companies begin to prepare and make progress in different areas of digitization, and seem to feel a small step ahead of their competitors.