Two months ago Eve Online has introduced a special update that was to improve the New Player Experience, or rather make it easier for fun to the new users who enter New Eden and who have no idea how to play in this Player.

Now we know that it was a hit.

According to CCP, the total time of the first player sessions increased by 30%, and the number of players with the completed Trial recorded a huge increase.

New NP has been helpful for new players, with a 30% increase in the average length of the first player session in Eve and a huge increase in NP completion indicators

This is a great information for Eve Online, because this is the high entry threshold was the main reason why we had so few newbie on the server.

Many people simply reflected from the wall, not knowing what to do, where to go and how to proceed in the first steps in New Eden. Now it is better explanatory, thanks to which more people should get to know this amazing Player — and most importantly — stay with him for longer.

How to adapt to industry changes | EVE Online Newsday | April 5

Eve Online would be useful to refresh, because the current community is mostly ~~ old grandfather ~~ veterans playing for many years.

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