When they performed at the RTDA, which is now the IPCPR, they were a huge hit," recalls Massimo de Munari. Meanwhile, the company has assembled a group of experts who are solely dedicated to the design, construction, and operation of humidors. The boxes were transformed into display cases, then wall units, and, eventually, walk-in humidors as time went on. When the sons took over the company, they made significant investments in high-tech machinery; DeArt is considered to be cutting-edge in terms of technology. I am able to follow every step of the manufacturing process and see firsthand how Cigars Time humidors are constructed while I am on site. Our tour begins with a look through the glass of the cedar wood storage facility. Each and every humidor, regardless of its size, is lined with untreated Spanish cedar. DeArt's storage facility resembles a hidden treasure chamber of sorts. On one of our projects, Massimo personally selected all of the Spanish cedar that was used in the construction."We left it untreated because it gave the cabinets a raw, dusty, natural feel that we believe is timeless," explains the British cigar expert. The cutting machines are the next stop on our tour. The machines, which resemble robots in appearance, "read" the designers' drawings and deliver what the designers have come up with after consulting with the customers.

If a part needs to be replaced at any point, Double insulation glass can be delivered at any time without difficulty; everything is saved and archived. This is also the location where the individual pieces of the massive baroque theater were created – DeArt is capable of completing large-scale projects like this as well. We then proceed to the paint shop, which is the next most important work step in the manufacturing process. Painting, varnishing, and glazing the individual pieces take place in this step. The "pieces of the puzzle" are then put together in the following step. It was only a few days ago that a noble walk-in humidor with an integrated cooling system for wine, built in the same manner as the original, stood in the factory hall. The humidor has been packed and is ready to be shipped to the customer in mainland China. All of the products that DeArt manufactures are assembled and tested in the factory before being delivered to the customer on site. 


A mono-block, referred to as "Total clima Evo," ensures that the temperature and humidity are maintained at the optimal levels. Massimo explains that a system that incorporates a circulation, humidification, and dehumidification system ensures that all zones of the humidor maintain the ideal temperature. If Evo ever develops a problem, the entire block can be removed with little effort and quickly repaired with new parts. The values can not only be read, but they can also be controlled through the use of an app on a mobile device. Sandwich walls are used in the construction of all of DeArt's humidors and chambers. 



The wood chosen by the customer is visible on the outside, and behind it is a solid core of wood and an insulation layer. Spanish cedar is then used to line the interior of the humidor, which is where the cigars will be stored. Thermal safety Double insulation glassis used throughout the building's interior. It is completely sealed with silicon, and each door is equipped with a triple lock."There is no doubt about DeArt's professionalism," says restaurateur Dario Nembrini, who commissioned the de Munaris to construct a walk-in humidor for his establishment. What is remarkable is the high quality of all of the materials that they use in the manufacturing process, as well as the ongoing research that they conduct in order to ensure that the cigars are kept at the optimal temperature.


"The DeArt Group is currently working on the construction of a lounge and a humidor for the Trinity Hotel in London, the Casa del Habano in Kuwait, as well as display cases and cigar lockers for the Four Seasons in Florence. Natural-looking and always following the de Munaris' credo: "We have the greatest amount of flexibility when it comes to the exteriors and we fulfill all of the customer's desires."When you're inside a quisure insulated glasscase, it's the cigar that takes precedence; the technology and lining are completely centered around it," Massimo explains.