Big budget MMORPG is not a very common game, let alone developed by the famous Amazon. Moreover, in recent years, MMO-type games have been largely forgotten by players. Only the new New World Coins expansion of the classic MMO that has always been in the dominant position in this genre can meet the needs of players.

In the mid-to-late 2000s, new MMOs often appeared, because game developers all found business opportunities in Blizzard’s 2004 vanilla World of Warcraft and wanted to take a share.

Many aspects of New World also make people feel that it is appropriate for that particular game period. Many aspects of the game content are relatively old-fashioned. It focuses on social interaction and communication between players. Since the Dark Age of Camelot in 2001, this type of online game has basically never appeared again.

If you have been playing New World for a while, you will find that you can definitely enjoy some fun in the game, especially for players who are keen on PVP. However, of course, New World will also have some boring leveling experience and more annoying design choices. These choices may make some players who like MMORPG not interested in this game too much.

The game setting for New World is relatively simple. When the player creates a game character, he will be rushed to the shore of a mysterious island named Aeternum in the Atlantic Ocean. Because of the mysterious storm surrounding Aeternum, people have been in exile here for thousands of years and cannot return to their homes. And in Aeternum, people will not grow old or die, but this does not mean that life on the island is easy.

People on the island need to face the soulless shell called the Lost, and also face the threat of an ancient evil brainwashing called the Corruption. Players need to rebuild and lead a guardian organization called Soulwardens to fight the approaching darkness on Aeternum. Players need to collect materials in the game, equip new weapons and armors, fight monsters, and complete tasks to upgrade their characters.

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