Katrina is a black panther. The position in the animal crossing game is fortune-telling. Katrina opens a permanent store on Harv Island. Katrina is very popular here because of her profession. Once Katrina arrives on the island, fans can spend 1,000 bells per day for Katrina to evaluate their luck.

Fans of Katrina can get one of eight different fortunes. Each evaluation will have a different result. The wealth gained by Katrina's fans covers four different categories. Players who continue to be unlucky still choose Buy ACNH NMT directly. This is also one of the ways to get good luck. The categories are property, friendship, health, and money. And there are forecasts for improvement and reduction for each category. The forecast results are time-limited. The general validity period is 2 days.

If the animal crosses: The wealth of the New Horizons player decreases. For example, some of the player's tools will lose durability. Passing by and waiting for the bells activity. Katrina also can clean up bad luck. Fans who are unlucky will lose all the lucky effects of the day. But they will receive the items in the mail the next day. Possible items include golden tortoise statues, mini Dharma, energy stones, and horseshoe-shaped door decorations.

The probability of improving and reducing wealth is also traceable. Fans always get good luck on the second day of getting worse, and there is a 70% chance of getting good luck on the second day of getting another good. Overall, Animal Crossing is very friendly to all players. Players can also choose Buy ACNH Items from the ACBellsBuy website to get more different things. Therefore, players can expect to improve their luck most of the time when talking to Katrina.