landmarks are exciting for players that Animal Crossing Items are new but want some organization. Either a given day of this week for submitting them (or maybe have them allowed on the evenings ) or a megathread

Pictures shot of the console screen are nice as long as the image is discernible. There's no point posting photographs with so much glare which I can not see what is happening. HQ pictures are simple to access a telephone with the newest update. (I also saw the post with the switch in the microwave. It was crazy )

photos of clothing/merch can be sort of repetitive. Sharing the announcement of the color pop collab made sense. Everyone posting a photograph of the exact same palette or box when it arrives at the mail is dull.

The only time that I was annoyed by someone carrying a pic of their switch's screen instead of employing the screencap purpose was when a dude who was clearly trolling kept posting more and more ridiculous shots of his display, culminating in him posting a pic of his switch's display in the microwave when someone pointed out the light in his other pics was bad. However, in my experience modding on other websites, some people are always going to fall to the troll bait, sadly.

I have no problem with new gamers posting on here their first excitements with the game. It is not like these pop up at the"sexy" deadline, and you'd only see them if you were seeing"new". I agree with Slackerboe that having new customers post these things add to the inclusiveness of the community. It reminds me when I first started playing and I believe it's wholesome.

Don't care about photographs taken of this console-screen, I think what the picture itself is if matter.

This annoys me. We've read ourselves by now. Something something, smug villager says nobody can hear him scream out of his basement.


Would be helpful to have in a megathread instead of on the front page. It is fun to share if you're the individual who achieved the landmark, but it becomes tiresome to see so many"first blue rose" posts.

Pictures of the Switch

Perhaps some kind of message about how to post screenshots can help? I really don't think that they should be banned entirely, but there's just no reason anyone should be taking a picture of Cheap Nook Miles Ticket their display in 2021.