Then I've got 1.5k iron and 3k coal in my account. Should I dispose of the items as soon as I can or hold them for a while RuneScape Gold? It's difficult to say, but my feeling is that steel bars will be a decent way to make money. Despite not getting 600gp per barrel due to the decline in prices for coal and iron ore however, you can still earn a profit.

My reasoning is: Prices of iron ore and coal appear to be stable and will not continue to fall. With bots eliminated and fewer people mining coal and iron and prices could go up a bit from 75/160 we have now. Cannonballs fell to their lowest about a week ago and have been bouncing back up.

There is a chance of something really good like a dragon's face. It has worked for Macki and me previously. Because there are no pkers and green dragonhides have risen in cost, I can kill level 120 Revenants very easily with my combat gear.

I'm in need of assistance with the Shield of Arrav quest. I'm looking for someone to help me with Black Arm Gang OSRS Fire Cape Buy. It is preferential to find someone who lives in Victoria, Australia so that it is simple to discuss trading hours.