A WI-FI arrangement with neighborhood the executives utilizing CAPWAP. Which arrangement model meets this prerequisite? A. Self-ruling B. Portability express C. SD-Access remote D. Neighborhood mode 350-401 Dumps Answer: B 3.Which proclamation about specialist based versus agentless arrangement the board apparatuses is valid? A. Agentless apparatuses require no informing frameworks among expert and slaves. B. Agentless instruments use intermediary hubs to interface with slave hubs. C. Specialist based devices don't need a significant level language mediator like Python or Ruby on slave hubs. D. Specialist based instruments don't need establishment of extra programming bundles on the slave hubs. Answer: C 4.On which convention or innovation is the texture information plane situated in Cisco SD-Access texture? A. Stutter B. IS-IS C. Cisco TrustSec D. VXLAN Answer: D 5.When utilizing TLS for syslog, which setup takes into consideration secure and dependable transportation of messages to its default port? A. logging host vrf Best Exam Dumps Websites mgmt transport tcp port 6514 B. logging host vrf mgmt transport udp port 6514 C. logging host vrf mgmt transport tcp port 514 D. logging host vrf mgmt transport udp port 514 Answer: A 6.A customer gadget neglects to see the undertaking SSID, however different gadgets are associated with it. What is the reason for this issue?.


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