Go to Ice Mountain and RuneScape gold travel west. Proceed just east of the goblin village, around the cliff. There will be an open trapdoor. Proceed down it. There'll be, yet more, a round room with an altar in the center, with the change glowing a purple haze. That doesn't matter! Finish him off! The Mage of Zamorak will have his staff pointed at the altar and purple energy will probably be coming out of it. Today you'll have a time limit. If you can kill Taurus within that time limit, it is possible to go up to the Mage of Zamorak and strike himand he cannot fight back. Kill them .

Well done, now return to the pyramid so that I may teach you how to completely sanctify the changes once again! Sanctifying the Altars. Go to Azzanadra in his pyramid. He'll appear there when you arrive at his throne room. Speak with him. I've come to understand the way to sanctify the altars.

Good. Here's what you will need: a vial full of water, a rannar weed, a jug of wine, and a ruined relic of my master's enemies A destroyed relic of one of Zaros' enemies? Can you repeat what I want please? (Azzanadra will replicate all then required things, and you'll return to these choices ) I will get them as soon as I can (ends conversation) Yes, adventurer. You have to bring to me a ruined relic of Zaros' enemies.

Who had been Zaros' enemies? I will find one as quick as possible. (endings dialog ) My master, Zaros, had many enemies, but the most common one now is Zamorak. Bring to me a ruined object of Zamorak. All right, I'll see what I can do. (Conversation ends) Now you have to get these things: A jug of wine, a water-filled vial, a rannar weed, and unholy emblem dust (you may get it using a pestle and mortar with an unholy symbol. Talk with Azzanadra when you've got these ingredients. He will look in his throne room when you have all the components when you enter into the pyramid.

I've all the components I need. Azzanadra will take all of the ignredients from you. He'll combine the unholy symbol dust, then the rannar weed, then the wine into the water-filled vial. He will return to you the empty jug, and cheap OSRS gold a Potion of Zaros (4) (You can't drink this potion. Examine:'A strong, sanctifying potion.')