Ultimate Team players will have a chance to win many new FIFA 22 Generations launched by EA Sports. On November 18th, the new FIFA 22 Coins project has been confirmed, and the upcoming promotion will include many Ultimate Team ambassadors.

These players will be significantly downgraded compared to their basic ratings in the game, but everyone should not have too many complaints about this because they are given to players for free.

If players want to get these FIFA 22 Generations cards, all they need to do is to play Ultimate Team before January 14, 2022. So, it seems that everyone will not miss this year's game until Christmas.

From FIFAUTeam's tweet, we can see that the FIFA 22 Generations card is designed to be pink.

Last year, a similar promotion was released with the theme of David Beckham, which was a new ICON card at that time.

EA did not provide free powerful legendary cards, but chose to downgrade these free rewards. This idea seems to appear in the Generations promotion.

FIFA 22 Generations cards will be on sale on January 14, 2022, ending on the date set by EA Sports.

So, this means that players have to wait until next year to see which card they have won.

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