The Into the Void update recently released by New World brings many new features and fixes to players. However, beyond everyone's expectations, this also makes Amazon New World Coins endgame more difficult, and to the point where it is much more difficult.

Endgame players started to notice on Reddit and other places last weekend that some advanced enemies have gained a lot of buffs. These buffs make certain enemies almost impossible to defeat in single player mode, so this even lengthens the game. It's a very savage endgame.

One player said that he thought it was stupid for the current single player to be unable to do anything close to endgame. Although Amazon Game Studio hopes that everyone actively participates in team formation, because it is an MMO, the single-player mode is still an option, especially when players need to perform general tasks. If the player wants to go to something like myrkgard or sirens or malevolence, then everyone can form a team, because this should be difficult compared to the general elite area, but it can also be solo.

Other members of the community quickly learned about these changes, and this also caused New World, which has recently suffered from reuse, currency crisis and other issues, to cause further controversy. And on Steam, many players have added a new wave of negative comments. Although the overall evaluation tends to be positive, the current rating has dropped to "Mixed".

Mike, the designer of New World, said that they did not provide a proper reason for the update. What the game team hopes is to have a "variety of areas" where players can go to make materials and equipment. At the same time, Amazon Game Studio also hopes to make players feel the challenge in return.

Mike also added that the developers of New World are currently actively studying the balance of activities and rewards.

Controversy has always been the way New World brings a rewarding and frustrating experience to players. It brings a lot of good content, but we have to go through some tempering to get them. The growth trend of New World players has shifted from the explosive popularity at the beginning to a stable stage, but it has retained a large and active fan base, but they seem to be willing to exchange more frustrating elements for better PVP model.

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