This week's 10th team has been announced, including Lionel Messi! Sorry for being so excited, because I personally like Messi very much.

EA creates a new version of the players every week. What these players have in common is that they perform well at the end of the league or national team game. This team will be replaced by TOTW next week. During the period, if the player is lucky enough, they can Buy FUT 22 Coins obtain these cards through the FUT market or FUT card packs.

This new project will be packaged at 6pm UK time on November 24th and will include a special upgraded version of the best performing player of the week. Lionel Messi, a Paris Saint-Germain striker, was selected for the first time in the team of the week after scoring the first goal for his new club.

Lionel Messi, the best player of all time, has gained a +1 in his speed, shooting, passing and dribbling statistics. The premise is that he is already the best player in FIFA 22, which makes him even better.

Players who already own a One to Watch item will get an upgrade, so any player who owns a Messi One to Watch item will automatically upgrade within a day or so.

The best cards are usually sold at high prices, but if we pack a low-rated TOTW card, we can sell it quickly and get about 10,000 coins.

Moreover, the current FIFA 22 Squad Foundations promotion is currently underway. Players can obtain special versions of cards for Liga NOS and various players in other regions through Squad Building Challenges and a series of other goals.

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