Purple God, a new strain of marijuana, is a potent indica-dominant hybrid. It packs a punch with an average THC level of 23% and provides strong pain relief for those suffering from chronic or acute conditions. The high comes on quickly and lasts for hours to provide the user with peace of mind. 

Purple God is also good for insomnia, anxiety, depression, appetite loss, nausea, muscle spasms and stress.

Remember that time you thought your sheets were purple? What a beautiful moment of clarity before the realization. The good news is, purple god strain will have you wasting precious minutes of sleep for no reason at all- and not just in your dreams!

Purple god strain is not your average marijuana. It's a hybrid that sets the industry standard with its powerful, uplifting effects. Your head will be floating in the clouds when you take your first toke. If you're looking for relief from depression or chronic pain, then look no further than purple god strain, because this product does it!

Purple God has been known to give users a sense of euphoria and relaxation, while also producing an energetic high. This is because the strain contains higher than average levels of CBDs and THCs, which can be used for therapeutic purposes such as anxiety relief. If you're looking for a new cannabis product that will help relieve your tension or make you feel more relaxed throughout the day, this might just be it!

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