The Rewards OSRS gold are: The Ability to build a Pasture and a Coop, A recently born calf along with a chicken, 2000 hunter exp and 2000 construction exp. In the coop, it will be empty. Build hooks which need 15 wood and 10 nails.

You can construct troughs for food and water that every need five wood. The water trough requires a bucket of water, along with the trough necessitates chicken feed which you could purchase out of Sarah. You could also buy more chicken. They will ocassionally lay eggs in their pins. You can also fill the space with hay, which you may get from Sarah. You have to have 10 heaps of hay for that.

In the cows, you can raise cattle. The maximum cattle in a pasture is eight. You can from the poultry and cows from Sarah. The pasture also has troughs, which every need 5 timber along with a bucket of water and a pile of hay. The chicken and cattle cost 500 coins each. The calves will increase into cows, which you are able to kill and get beef and hides from.

The chicken you can kill and get feathers and chicken from. You cannot kill calves, but you can kill cows. The milk cows can be bought from Sarah too, and the utmost milk cows in a pasture is just 2. So in case you have a complete pasture, it will have 8 cows and 2 dairy cows. If you think this is a fantastic idea, support it.Fishing Rod, good food, armor and battle level. Ability to defeat a level 200 Sea Serpent Using just Range, Mage, Cannons or Catapults. You can talk to Trader Stan that will tell you that he will show you how you can construct ships just like his. His boats are custom made you understand! You ask him and he says he'll state that you must retrieve items because of him.

Speak to Redbeard Frank and then Request his hook. He will inform you first you have to get him a date with Emily in the Rising Sun Tavern. You locate Emily from the tavern crying. You ask what's wrong and she lets you know that she is going to need to shut the tavern because she isn't getting enough buisness. She says she needs 5,000 GP to remain open. Ask her if you give her 5k if she will go on a date together with buy RuneScape gold Redbeard Frank, and she agrees.