Between 2012 and 2013, the video game industry swept action RPG fans, and Diablo 3 was released in August. In 2012, Path of Exile began its Beta phase in January of the following year. Crowds of ARPG fans are eagerly looking forward to Diablo 3, and they look forward to its success based on their love for Diablo 2. When Diablo 3 was released in 2008, it had already been developed in 2001, so people's hopes were really high. But, as often happens in the hyped games, Diablo 3 is slightly lower than the legacy of its predecessor. Now, Diablo 4 is finally going to surpass it.

The road to success of Path of Exile may be caused by the need for ARPG fans to play the game for a long time, understand its secrets, and slowly master all aspects of the game. This is exactly what happened in Diablo 2 and it just shows what the ARPG community hopes to get from the new game. With each new expansion, Path of Exile continues to attract more players, increase its number, and gradually gain more reputation in the ARPG world. So big that now, it is the Path of Exile that has shaped other ARPGs, not in other ways. POE Currency is still the most desired item for players.

Especially games such as Wolcen, Grim Dawn and Last Epoch were inspired by Path of Exile. In many ways, action role-playing games require the ability to create powerful characters in order to be successful, and the depth and complexity of Path of Exile remains one of the most powerful assets in the game. Each extension overlaps with new elements layer by layer. These new elements are already included in games that are already diversified, and the system may continue to influence other developers to change various parts of the game to better suit the game.

The continued success of Path of Exile shows that opponents cannot prevent the player from entering the final game from a corner, and the endgame of Path of Exile is highly replayable. Usually, the only reason why fans cannot play games is that they are tired of doing the same content, or Buy POE Currency makes the game too easy. This is the suffering of Diablo 3, and unfortunately, it is much greater than the suffering of Path of Exile, and sometimes players will leave the game within a few days of the new season. Therefore, the path of exile will have an impact. (Or influence) The development of Diablo 4 is inevitable.