Have you got any examples? Since I really, really disagree. Ironman is slayer simulation and essentially every ironman centric upgrade I can think of was only making matters less cancer for no fantastic reason. Like sandstone mining. I guess they fixed"Zulrahman mode" when they updated her fall table which was a step in the perfect direction OSRS gold, but it could really be good if slayer wasn't the perfect way to get money AND skilling supplies. The change to directors supplied that began with zulrah really hurt the appeal of long-term ironman to me personally. Being able to receive a huge amount of the resources you need just by bossing or training slayer is really lame.

I have logged 250 ehp into my ironman lol. Its a pure experience. The quests try to be interesting and diverse in their design. Obviously, if you consult a quest guide to prep all of the materials beforehand, don't read some of this dialogue, and attempt to blitz them as quickly as possible, you are going to feel like an errand boy. Because you have stripped out the portions of the quests that aren't errands. I keep a record removing things and continually adding onto. When I get sick of doing a single job, I could do among those half a dozen other things I had lined up anyway.

Unlike when I played f2p, I never feel like I'm doing a grind for its own sake, it always feels like it transforms into something else I want to unlock/want to do. And because there's a lot of connective tissue involving the skills/quests/unlocks/diaries, that thing you are slogging through right now will, at some point, help you with something that you truly want to do. I don't feel like I'm mining since I need a mining level to mine with. Now I'm mining because I need a coal tote to speed my smithing to make money faster to train everything else faster to acquire more unlocks. It's really satisfying to want to do something (like a pursuit or sth) and recognize that you only have one or two prerequisites to perform it, because you already did the rest of these in service of other things you wanted sooner.

I dunno, my feelings are tough to put in words. I just got into Runescape as a member for the first time ever, after a childhood of being f2p because we were broke, and it's sucked me. Can't wait until I have my pursuit cape. I enjoy the ride for what it really is buy old school rs gold. Between work and having a baby on the way, RuneScape is. Due to the time necessary to grind at a computer while ACTIVELY MMOs are from the question.