The main function of an IT service desk is to serve as the primary point of contact for monitoring / controlling incidents, processing user requests / questions and providing a communication channel between other service management functions and the user community. In addition to these basic functions, the help desk services often plays an active role in recording change requests, maintaining third-party support contracts, managing software licenses, and assisting with problem management.

In some organizations, the service desk is integrated into other business processes, e.g.

Involvement of employees

Acquisition integration

Data access management

Supplier / partner of embarkation and disembarkation

Management of reports and metrics.

Business continuity management

Infrastructure / surveillance services

Advantages of an IT service desk

Cost savings and scalability

Cost savings and scalability are the two most common benefits companies look for when implementing an IT service. A well-managed and properly staffed service desk can do most of your routine IT work. The service desk offers companies a relatively inexpensive way to transfer simple work from expensive engineering teams and subject matter experts so they can focus on activities that add value to the company. Technical support can also provide the company with the ability to provide technical support for global operations and distributed user communities.

A finger on the pulse of user mood

The service desk is the starting point for many important IT processes and services and therefore often the primary interface between users, business processes and the IT services that enable them. Monitoring this interaction provides valuable insight into user satisfaction, service and feature settings, and unfulfilled requirements that IT services could potentially meet in the future.

Early warning of possible problems

Due to the multitude of problems and requirements that the service desk processes with the corresponding data and tools for evaluating patterns and trends, the company can use the service desk as a monitoring tool to preventively identify and correct service problems. The "early warning system" provided by the service desk can enable proactive problem management, preventive maintenance and service changes to reduce the impact of user interruptions and service losses.