I have enjoyed 2K for years, but offline. Not that I am not good enough to win against anybody, but that the people that I play are normally just the worst. Pausing constantly, using these glitches from NBA 2K21 MT Coins, not coming close to playing with basketball. It is not enjoyable winning NBA 2K! And since I began myteam, it's just gotten worse. Unlimited is pretty much unplayable as far as a basketball goes, and the auction house is one. The greed that drives NBA 2K is, even while unsurprising.

I believe this manner provides you the ability to play as a bunch of different cards and construct really awesome teams to observe how they play together, kind of appreciating the"what ifs" of basketball history. But farm and some of you guys turn it to try coins. Maybe I am expecting too much, maybe it's more of a layout issue. I think NBA 2K would be enjoyable when there were cards accessible for folks to use and enjoy, rather than everybody trying to one up each other and worry about just how much in game money they make.

Ridiculous? Yes. Toxic? No. That's how it's always been. This year costs have definitely been higher. However, it has been easier than any year for MT. Not to mention all of the offline content for decent cards. Some of those spotlight SIM cards are still"meta" and useable. Rashard Lewis for instance, rarest card in the set for the best card in NBA 2K. Of course the price will be crazy. Unless he is in super packs, there's generally less than 10 from the AH. Basic supply/demand, if you can not afford it then it is exactly what it is.

I know demand and supply, I'm saying it is toxic because its spending money to get these cards, since a million mt for one card is too much. That is a video game, not life? Like idk this like a real life economy. Kids play with this, and at a certain stage, someone should recognize that these prices are out of hands. The difficulty us either the cards are price fixed ( that I would consider poisonous, which is also poisonous in real life) or there's insufficient supply, which at this stage in NBA 2K lifespan is hardly acceptable. I have other things to do in my own life than to grind a thousand games to create enough to purchase 1 card.

It's treated like one since it functions like the basketball card hobby. I agree with you particularly with kids. In addition, I don't understand why the AH is blocked in certain countries but purchasing packs isn't. On the players end, that is not necessarily as for the price adjusting. It's only a flaw in the system of 2K and there is nothing 2K can do about it. It's not basketball. Like I do not understand fretting about shit and costs and sitting.

So you refresh a search and that's fun to you and just sit there? Just go play with a game then, it's the same thing. I like to use a lot of players and lineups and see what works but I must save up this stupid amount simply to try out a player a may or may not enjoy. Idk, none of that is interesting to me. I had trouble making tons of mt but because the finest of packs came out I have to've made 3-4m just PDs. I assume people who open a good deal of boxes can't be fucked to assess costs so they set up their cards to get 500 with no BIN, in the event that you bid on people you can get a lot of PDs for 30% of it's market value, sometimes you can also get them for 500 Mt (not even sniping, you just bid on loads of these that end like 1 second apart from each other).At a guess I'd say minimal 1.5 million MT.

Alright cool im at about 700 atm. Been snatching playbooks, jerseys, and arenas Buy 2K MT. I discovered it a pain when you reach 1000. It should be easier now given there is so much more brand new content accessible and cheaper too, well. It was an absolute struggle to acquire the 150. It would of been much more easy to wait for more cards to be released but I am an impatient cunt. Me and you both man lol hoping I dont have to rely on pricey as hell cards to receive it.