Grinding Gear Games is the driving force behind Path of Exile, they put together the community's popular questions about the game mechanics into a convenient question and answer. The following are some of the topics discussed.

The question and answer itself is actually very extensive. If you are the kind of player who likes to understand the details and theories of Path of Exile, you must read it. Topics discussed included the impact of burst bloodshed ending 25% faster, mine explosions, and more.

For example, one of the longer answers is about killings by crediting the kills to the killing entity. For example, if a monster is killed by the initial hit of a fire trap, it will bring life to the trap instead of the POE Currency. For this reason, the question is whether it makes more sense to attribute the DOT (damage over time) killing to the applicant entity.

Since it is instantaneous, there is an implicit guarantee that when the thing that caused the damage dies, the thing that caused the damage will also exist. The direct effect of POE Orbs can be assigned to that object, and some things such as experience can be chained because the game may ask who is ultimately responsible for killing that object. After applying the debuff to another object, the debuff will be added to the target, regardless of the content to which it is applied.

As mentioned above, the entire article is very comprehensive and you can view it here. The Path of Exile team has been very busy recently and recently released a fix that fixes some annoying bugs. The patch was released after the latest 3.14 extension package Ultimatum was released last month.