Why Kobe looks strange from the trailer? It is blasphemy. In 2k13 demo you could play online games, as many as you want. Now consider this shit. Yesterday the game starts. 1st quarter 4:30 moments or something. I left a turnover along with my whole team was chilly lol. This sounds precisely like the last 2k demo. Gonna imagine it is the 2K21 MT exact same game. No thanks. Why isnt it the something or leaves. The shot meter is so tiny, u can not see shit with it. And they want us to"goal" with it. I see nothing but reality for a minute I thought I was crap stamina non-existent. Why is shooting with the stick so weird now?

Let us be true 2K21 gonna be weak as 2K20 on PS5

The developers should certainly sit down to like 30 minutes and, idk, play the fucking game. Half of those games issues can be readily observed using a few quickplay games. God I hope next gen differs. (I really do enjoy the upgraded archetypes base abilities tho.) I really don't have the 13% field goal thing and the gary payton defense. It is not that hard. Demo is a waste of space. Literally. That is pretty much just MyCareer generally if you do not purchase VC.

Honestly, MyCareer is unplayable if you do not cover to boost your stats. But you have maximum stats and badges in the demo. I will be honest, using the shot stick isn't as awful as I think folks are making it out. Then again, it is really unusable for FT's. I really find it easier to use on the FT. To add to that, I still haven't figured out how to do the side hop into a shooter using the stick alone. This can only be achieved using the button it sounds. Unless I am doing something wrong.

What I am doing: Holding R2, heading right with my left handed stick, while still holding down R2 I flick the Right pole down, making him do that jump back/side, and attempt to keep to hold down Right stick to shoot with the target mechanic but he never always shoots. Using the button all you've got to do is hold down R2, go right together with the left pole hit square to perform the hop and then press and hold square to the buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins shooter. Just like I did in 2K20.

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