Nice to see there are people here who played the game around same time . I began in 2001, until they released The Wilderness and Runite lol. Was my very first experience using an MMO and man was it addictive despite having to run the match on a 56k dial up connection. Those were much simpler times. I got hooked also. Went PKing in the Wild at RS gold Varrock and Edgeville. That was some of my best online memories. I'm curious, are you currently in web development or some kind of computer science discipline now? I'm half expecting you to say"and this is exactly what made me start my own business doing X" but I half expect one to say"World of Warcraft forever destroyed that fantasy" because you got so deep.

I used it as a hobby for several years as a teen. I wanted to enter computer science but ended up joining the army at 19. Did that for 6yrs. It kept me busy. . Then after the military, I needed to go to college for computer science however, was always having financial and living hardships. I worked for a few tech companies after the military, one as an actual web developer making WordPress plug-ins for a marketing company in my late 20s, but was laid off with half of the devs two months into it. Subsequently did ab for some time hoping to save money for faculty like that, but trucking sucked and I had to give up a few organizations due to them screwing me pay, having me push dangerous trucks. . So I got right into safety. That did not pay much.

I went into hauling fugitives across the nation but kept me busy, and I needed to quit this job because they needed me to push a large greyhound sized prison bus plagued with problems that I quit. . So I got into federal safety. Finally, I had a job that paid well and appeared steady. They screwed me over for reporting a security issue using an unstable Co employee. . I only recently got into performing administrative security work for an approaching $800m Facebook data centre as an access control specialist/coordinator. I'd still like to go to school for computer science when I have money saved up, utilizing that money and my gi bill from the military. . Being that I've needed to move a few of times and this job is newer, I'm short on money. . However, the strategy is in place and I am working towards it. I'm now 31yrs old. Working towards a goal that I feel rather stemmed from runescape once I was 12.

Man I adored Runescape, got to it on the identical period, but we just had dial up internet and it was a chore to perform on such a connection.

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