The green mums came weirdly easy to Animal Crossing Bells me.

Yeah, purple windflowers are bizarre. Regardless of them being my native flower, it took me several months to even get one, and it had been from randoms in contrast to the ones that I was attempting to breed.

Same. I believe that it's because I began with mums as my native flower. I'd purple ones without attempting to strain.

I finally got purple wind flowers from blues and pinks together. And having only 1 friend help water. Still awaiting the green mommy!

Island purples have various genetics compared to the purples you get from breeding seed whites. You can breed these purples from seeds by crossing yellow and red to get hybrid yellow, then crossing these to find the distinctive purples.

Edit: The hybrid yellows may also have a chance to make green, however they make purple often and the purples have a fairly high probability of earning green.

Oh I know they have different genetics but was unsure whether they had a better chance to spawn greens than ones that you create yourself from seeds

I needed to start from scratch to find a green mum. First put yellow and crimson mums together. Subsequently some yellows will predominate. Put the new and only the newest yellows together. Those will create purples. Then put those purples together and bada boom, bada bang, green mommy.

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Thanks so much for your deal, but I'd like to try and get them on my own. I know that it's kinda silly, but I feel like the buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items achievement of having all the flowers will feel larger if it's self-sustained.