Quests are a huge part of RuneScape gold the immersion concept, when finishing quests, you truly feel as a part of history. It's all based on a story line, you're the hero, you are a part of history. Once more, you are immersed in runescape. All players at runescape influence another runescape participant in ways, we all buy things in the sport, meaning, we buy the goods of different players, they purchase ours, we're a part of this game, immersion. We affect the results of what happens to others. Some players play runescape to venture, just to look for new places! This is a portion of the immersion idea. Finding new monsters in dungeons, new towns, etc..

Ultimately, we play to find, to find out new things about runescape, this is just another part of that immersion concept. Now, I would love to know, how are you currently immersed in the runescape surroundings, no more spamming, hi jacking, or flaming, thanks. Individuals with full rune armour (chainmail, so haven't completed dragon slayer) coming up and asking stupid questions like:"how can you get chunks of wool?" "how can you get silver pubs?" "Where is Draynor?" "What's the GE?" "It's the Grand Exchange, in Varrock, where you can purchase and sell things""Oh yeah....Where's Varrock?"

Have these people seriously never played with before? I ask them if they're on someone elses account, and have never played before, and they tell me they've been playing for ages. Sorry if this is a standard thing to happen now, but I seriously cannot believe these men and women who have had at least a good amount of experience of playing not to understand basic things like this. Have they're playing for days/weeks/months/years and not understood any sense of direction/what they're doing and have only been following people the total TIME!

I mean when I used to play with there was no GE, everyone hung out at the garden of Varrock castle stating"Press 222 to buy whole rune armour" and stuff like that, but after beginning again I knew what the GE was in about half an hour later exploring . Rant over. Hi everyone I would say good money making schemes for f2p players will be chopping yews close dranyor there are four around that place and theres a bank close too.

Another good location for cutting yews is close to the expansive exhange there are three yews there and close to the grand exchange bank. (I will note that these places will be crowed occasionally so u should world jump until u find a fantastic spot. Another one would be mining rune character in varrock (u will need to finish the pursuit Rune Mysteries)there is a bank really near the rune store were u get teleported. You just really promote the rune essence or make rune and buy RS gold market the rune.