I have heard a lot of complaints from ladies saying guys are disrespecting them or from guys saying ladies are unapproachable.

 This article is meant to provide tips to guys and ladies on how to find dates online and possibly make it a successful relationship.



1. You are going to meet all kinds of people, both good and not too cool.

2. We all have different, backgrounds, cultures, upbringing, responses and expectations.

3. Its natural that people be a bit sceptical about anyone they meet online till they can meet them in person and interact.

4. People may actually be hostile on first impression. But that may be due to bad experiences they may have had before.

5. Not everyone must be friendly towards you or be your friend.

 6. Dating online is also similar to real life dating. You are bound to meet good people and also people that are incompatible with you or downright obnoxious.


These things above, if we are aware of them, will make us be more open and at the same time respectful towards everyone, except the obviously not too good ones.

That you meet incompatible or disrespectful people online does not mean that there are no good people or that online relationships do not work out ever. However, Just like in offline dating, there is always some difficulty or misunderstandings but you have to keep trying, in order to have success.

Fortunately, an online forum gives you ability to remove contact with anyone at the click of a button... SO, YOU ARE ALWAYS SAFE, AND HAVE NO NEED REALLY TO BE DISRESPECTFUL!!!



1. Please always be open, warm and receptive. Not everyone meeting or chatting you want to get into your pants. You may get good friends that you may not even meet ever, so keep an open mind always no mater your previous experiences. Also, make friends too,it must not always be about relationships.

The most appealing women I have met in my live are the ones that treat me like a friend, even on first meeting. Even being married must not make you block anyone that wants to chat you. You can be warm, but firmly shut down the person if he brings up a wrong stuff.

2. The first impressions you give a guy goes a long way to determine how he thinks about you.Make a good one.

3. Be firm, when you need to be. Do not hesitate to use your block button, when you deem it necessary. Clearly state what you want. If the person goes beyond it, be firm and clear. Dont give mixed messages. That the person goes beyond the line once does not automatically mean you'll shut the person off.

All men usually test limits, but responsible ones will respect your limits and back off, at least for a while, until they get to know you better.

4. First visits should always be the guys job, unless there is a good reason, Or at least let it be in an open place ( eatery, restaurants, etc). Get to know each other before going further.




1. First impressions mater a lot. You must be courteous. Greeting a lady or even a child is no sin. Make it a habit, it is not a big deal, but it will make a way for you.

2. Biggest tip... first time, call them a pet name or something nice... ( Note... not too close to be suspicious or too distant... just in the middle... like say " 


Hi pretty... good


Hi my love.... wrong


Try it, it works wonders!

3. If she does not respond to your initial comment.... no need going foward... learn when to make a tactical withdrawal. You might try again later, after a few days at least.

4. Do not present sex as the first thing or make it too recurrent in your discussions... it's a big turn off for some and also it raises a red flag in ladies minds... even if you intentions are pure. Let the chat be regular and at friendship level at least before going into those areas.

5. Make the discussion fun, and also learn to do more of the introduction and explanation about yourself... not just asking her plenty questions without saying anything about yourself.

6. Ask about her relationship status, living arrangement etc before you start calling and making video calls. Infact, always ask before making a video call, unless you people have gotten to relationship levels.

7. Spend only what you can lose or spare. Until you people have met and agreed to be in a relationship... do not overspend!


For both sexes, be safe, be careful... have fun!!!