Sounds great, but they've lowered the bar up to Mut 21 coins now, now I will only be happy if we ever return to where franchise matches save as soon as they're over. I have bought every Madden firsthand since 2001. I have held off so much this season. And this, confirms I will not be buying it. Gotta state after playing MLB The Show for the first time, involving how noise the game was how attentive they are to their own player base and making it so that you can earn every player in the sport rather than spending money to be competitive I'll never, ever, ever play Madden again.Thank You for the Inspection.

Soccer video games are pretty much the only I like. Plus it would literally make my life better to get a great game. No worries, I've career, girlfriend, friends lol but still sad ain't it? I just play franchise, and I'll most likely still buy it but like you I didn't anticipate a lot and, just damn it. smh. I truly feel as the NFL will force EA from this picture. Just deal with 2k instead. U say franchise is identical but also say that you did not even bother to play it. . So how do I understand it is precisely the same? The dev notes that they released on which changes they made. Basically it was an equivalent of a name upgrade. The entire thing caused a wide point of uproar around the community. I really did enter it now and confirmed my suspicions.

So tell us what you'd change? What would be your amazing Madden game? Just interested. My guess. . .take any NBA 2k match and make it NFL. Or take NCAA soccer 14 and also make it NFL.

I'd like stats to matter in terms of player movement to assist user ability like in PS2 Madden. Yes the CPU had ankle shattered animations on jukes and spins but came because of over pursuing and then needing to fix themselves more than the usual pre scripted animation. Also just more physics to be involved in terms of outcomes. They say that's how it is now but I think you be hard pressed to see that the case. Possibly like a less intense version of backbreaker combined with Old Madden. I would also just like smarter A.I entire, the blocking needs mended and a few plays are all broken. I like skills but they ought to be more like badges in 2K in which they simply have tiers of effectiveness instead of arcade superpowers. There is much more I could put here but I think my main takeaway is only more math, meaningful attributes, not as RNG.

Franchise- just give me everything in Madden 07(PS2) with a few additions from my League such as player personalities and contract options. Probably skill trees also and staff choices. Realistically in the next couple of years I just need something in the presentation outside of matches besides Fake Twitter to make you feel like your in a living world. I would like players to be more than their stats with group building roles that distinguish them more with better scouting. Right now it feels like nothing more than Play Today with muti game stat tracking.

I actually like it in 2K but after you get from the grove items and playing in the league there must once more be off the area or in game presentation to make you feel like you're a superstar. I believe 2k does this well right now with Ingame/Post game interviews, endorsements, contracts that matter for your team and player chemistry and lovers. I like the notion of season senarios but I think there has to be a lot more so it doesn't feel like it will now which is buy mut coins madden 21 only Franchise but you restrain one dude. I liked the movie deals and representatives from older Maddens.