I discover that if I haven't done mining for a while (since I was working on a few of those other abilities ), that the first few rocks I mine are incredibly slow. After the first few rocks, I return to OSRS gold collecting ores in the typical speed... Same thing with all woodcutting (the first few logs take a remarkably long time to get, but the pace at which I purchase logs extends back to normal), exactly the same thing with fishing.

Query #1) Has anybody else noticed the same thing? Where if you have not trained a skill at just a little while, your personality is really"rusty" at the ability to begin, but then goes back to normal speed after the first couple of ores/logs/fish?

Question #2) Is there a Runescape"rusty skill" subprogram, where if you haven't trained a skill in just a little while, your character will be somewhat slow in the skill for the first little bit, before your resource gathering ability rate returns to normal, and is again only determined by your ability level and the type of pickaxe/hatchet you are using?

You're only using it wrong. Magic, very simply, isn't to be used like Range and Melee is. Range and Melee can simply hit one goal at a time, whilst magical (utilizing Ancients) can hit multiple targets at the same time. To show similarity, I will use a metaphor. Magic resembles a real-life nuclear bomb. You wouldn't use a nuke as if you would utilize an Ak-47, now do you? No, nukes are used to Cheap RS gold hit several things at once, and obliterate them all, while an Ak-47 is made to extract individuals.