Select"Skillcape of RuneScape gold Smithing", and your personality says,"That's an unusual cape you are wearing, what's it?" Thurgo smiles and replies,"It's a skillcape of smithing. Shows that I am a master blacksmith, but naturally that is only to be expected. I'm an Imcando dwarf after all and everybody knows we're the finest blacksmiths."

Now, right-click and Talk-to Thurgo again. This time choose"Another thing", your character says,"Hello. Are you currently an Imcando Dwarf?" Thurgo states,"Perhaps. Who wants to know?" (Thurgo's eyebrows shows that he's not happy as he replies.)

. . .BWAHAHA! Considering that Thurgo told us moments ago that he is an Imcando dwarf, once we ask,"Hello. Are you currently an Imcando Dwarf", shouldn't the response be Yes? I did the quest mainly becuase I wanted to use rockshell armour and go to difrent isles. So I began out my pursuit by doing the drinking contest. I thought it had been suck a horribal pun to go all the way to seers village to have the potion to cheet in the contest. Lol I ended up stroring a few kegs of beer at the bank for home partys emo.

Then I had to do the liar part that took me forever to discover the enchanting altar. I had to admit I believed lolly was humorous. Then it was time for those merchants trial part which was partially easy using the sals quest manual. But I found it frustrating trying to find the next person. I discovered it clever who you give everyone exactly what they want at the end. The hunter part was utterly dull trying to find that noob spirit with that talasmin. Nnow the maze part was extremely easy with the sals quest guide and was also good fun.

Peer in the seer was kinda boring following every step from sals pursuit guide, but in the end I was happy to escape from his house. Now for the battle without weapons or armour... I have to say it was a eppic fight but it took so long to have the 3 forms of the deathless man. Well I have to say it finaly repaid for all the quest exsclusive items like the pet rock.

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