Try all of the different schemes in the demonstration. You will be able to mt nba 2k21 decide on the control strategy you like the best in the retail version of the game so it will not hurt to try all of them. Heck, you can even turn off the pro stick shooting altogether, based on Mike Wang. Hope this helped! So lemme get this straight. They're forcing you to get the 1 X to obtain the real deal just like they did with the 360/One switch? It looks no different on a PS4 PRO. Whatsoever. It is a copy/pasted game for your following gen. Is there any way to skip 2k only allowing you to play 5 games at the demonstration? Does shot creating takeover increase ball management as ticks move up.

I would say using a 6'9 SF full-sharp pie shoot 15% without a greens on marginally early\late mostly wide-open shots with 30 shooting badges (Flexible Release on HoF) is a bit of an issue...I get it, Actual Stretch Bigs were a menace at 2k19 but you nerfed big shooting crazy last year. But bigs can take. I'll take the 72 rate or what have you and poor D and finishing.

When I download the demo, does anybody know if it technically counts as a save game? I want to input locker codes from the program but do not plan on purchasing the game for a while. 20 was my first 2K and I assumed everyone stating the games were literal copy and pastes were just exaggerating. As a brainless moron who voluntarily lends into consumerism, even this can be a stretch for me. I'd feel like an complete dumbass if I got this game.

2k20 proved to be a massive improvement on 19, although not quite like the halcyon times of 14-16. It might have been a massive request to create another quantum jump in quality from 20 to 21 given next gen is coming outside. I think that it has some incremental improvements (dribbling is not as cheesy and assembles seem more balanced) but it was always going to be similar to 2k20 on present gen. The real problem is if there aren't a myriad of modifications on next gen, as people will probably 100% vote with their wallets by purchasing all the other games that'll be noticeably better on next gen launch.

TL;DR: Current Gen was always likely to be comparable. If Next Gen indicates no marked improvement, our ability to vote with our wallets will acquire us a brighter future. 19 was better than 20 gameplay wise, 20 had better assembles. No way. The move from role playing (whether it was predicated on gameplay or assembles ) was significant.

I know you mean mechanisms, however there are multiple things that include up to enhance gameplay and this is only one of them. I for one enjoyed the less iso nature of the game and also the more staff oriented defense/offense. Intimidator and pogo stick ruined the game. Pogo definitely. I can complete around intimidators by making them leap - but buy Nba 2k21 Mt not when they could jump every second. Even Zion doesnt get up that fast.