Dungeneering RuneScape gold Peninsula: Tons of Maple and Willow trees. The one I would like to talk about is the one inside the mining guild. It contains 2 rune ore, avalible F2P. Is this bad or good? The price of rune will plumit from the previous 18k an ore- is that good, or poor? Miners will not have to travel deep into the jungle to get rune- but its missing its epicness since the king metal- almost impossible to get ahold of. Along with the guild, a single empty, is now very crowded.

Is this a great thing? It's difficult to say if the price of rune ore could plummet, seeing as although there are more rune rocks avaliable for free players to mine, so I can not find that many free to perform having 85 mining and over merely to mine rune ore. If they're members, they have better rune spots to mine at instead of the one in the mining guild.

So regardless of the increase in avaliability of rune rocks, there is not enough people to take advantage of it (imo) so as to cause that large a price decrease. The price would likely drop by a k or 2, but not like a rock. As for the guild, idk about you, however, it was fairly crowded before the source dungeons upgrade. Lots of coal rocks and a few miths made it popular with gamers that desired to superheat ores while mining, so I believe that this update may add an average of a couple more folks to the guild.

Correct... well I post a lot inquiring about what to do with account and to be honest I just wish to train one account to be rich and have a high combat level, so I think its best if I just stick with ONE account. I have one that is level 78 that's my members accounts, this was my first ever accounts, but he's poor (only has 2 mill). My target's for this account was to find every ability to 70 however im not sure, as I'd like too but I kinda get cheap RS gold caught up along with different reports since im tired of doing one ability. (His skills are in my signature).