Although Madden 22 has not yet been officially released, its Beta version allows players to see this year's game for the first time. There is no doubt that Madden 22 will undergo various upgrades and new features this year, but through learning from MLB The Show 21, it still has some areas for improvement. Now that Madden 22's release is only a few months away, let's take a look at the ways in which the MUT 22 Coins game can continue to improve.

The franchise model requires ultimate customization
Madden 22 introduced several new features for Franchise this year, including employee management, weekly strategy, and more. However, Madden 22 Franchise still has no real customization options, because the only way to customize your team even a little is to start the franchise with the existing franchise and then start the relocation process. Repositioning is not guaranteed to be effective. Even if it can, players can only choose the preset position, team name and logo.

In contrast, the franchise model in MLB The Show 21 can customize all aspects of the team, introduce custom logos and stadiums, and even edit all these details for each team in the new franchise save. In the eyes of many players, even adding a small number of customization levels will greatly help repair Madden 22 Franchise.

Madden 22 needs its own Stadium Creator
MLB The Show 21 this year added Stadium Creator as a next-generation exclusive feature, and this addition has been welcomed by many fans. Some people created baseball fields inspired by other properties such as Harry Potter, while others tried to rebuild some of the most iconic stadiums in baseball history. The possibilities are endless, and being able to play these creations online through certain areas of the Diamond Dynasty is a perfect way for people to show off their work.

Ensure that the server can handle the game at startup
MLB The Show 21 underestimated the number of players they had won championship titles at the time of release, which was a big mistake they made. The Early Access version of MLB The Show 21 was released on April 16, 2021, and weeks of serious server problems began immediately. Due to the problems many people encountered when accessing the server and actually participating, Sony San Diego even extended the double XP weekend event for a few days. Madden 22 can learn from this mistake and do everything in its power to prepare the server for the load that will be experienced when the game is released.

Announce things in advance and stay consistent
MLB The Show 21 has done a great job both inside and outside the Madden 22 Coins game. One of the things is to have a consistent release schedule for new content and updates. It even has a convenient and frequently updated calendar in the game to show players several upcoming events or content releases, and they consistently ensure that things are released when they declare it.

So far, Madden 22 has done a good job in the exposure and hype of the new Madden All Access, but they need to maintain this state after the game is released. Whether it's new content in Ultimate Team or upcoming updates in various fields, Madden 22 should be committed to maintaining the same level of communication and consistency with the player community shown by Sony San Diego.

Madden 22 desperately needs cross play
One of the most important things for Sony San Diego to launch MLB The Show 21 on multiple platforms for the first time is the introduction of a cross-platform process. Unfortunately, Madden 22 players can still only play online games on the same platform with their friends. Adding Dynamic Gameday to the next generation may be an additional hurdle, but EA Sports should definitely try to make crossover games the standard for Madden 22 or any future games in the series.

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