Copper is economical and affordable. Copper-clad aluminum cable refers to a wire and cable with aluminum core wire instead of copper as the main body of the cable, and a corresponding proportion of copper layer on the outside. enameled aluminum wire is also a common and commonly used magnet wire. AC resistance is the main basis for the current carrying capacity. According to the principle of skin effect, the current per unit area on the surface of a single wire is larger than the current per unit area of ​​the center of the wire, that is, the center of a large cross-section conductor In the area of ​​a circle formed by the same conductor, the current passing through the center of the circle is smaller than that of the circumference. Therefore, it is reasonable, economical and practical to use different metals for the center conductor and the circumference conductor. Copper-clad aluminum wire has already exerted greater value in actual use, and everyone maintains a positive attitude towards its use.

From the above introduction, you can know that the price of copper-clad aluminum wire is very affordable. Compared with the higher-priced enameled wire, the performance is not reduced and the range is improved. It is a real cost-effective product. If you want to buy copper-clad aluminum wire, please note that there are many brands of copper-clad aluminum wire on the market. It is recommended that you try to buy a better brand or a manufacturer specializing in the production of enameled wires. Round Enameled Aluminum Wire is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.