And on steamIt downloaded and when I tried to meseta pso2 launch it, it is only the little photo of PSO2 that pops up and just pops.

My pc isn't old (I built it around 4 years back ) and it's used for video editing. So idk I am just drawing a blank

Hey I had the same problem on my PC. I wound up doing a factory reset to windows and then letting it update and everything works great now. Probably there is some upgrade that got misconfigured on the way. If you don't mind reinstalling your applications and can back up your personal files you could give that a try

If your windows 10 there's an actual factory reset option where you won't have to out on your product key or anything. It's pretty easy to initiate. I just googled factory reset windows when I did it. Good luck

After you backed up your files was it basically a system restore? And once you're done reinstalling you just hit restore?

No I started fresh. More like a gentle format of the is push. Pictures documents save files all went on an external HDD. I flashed the games I had before resetting windows. This is because I have windows in an SSD, files on am HDD and matches on a second HDD. I think if all your games are on your os drive then you may not have to do this. Remember to copy your saved game files I think those are largely separate from the install for most games.

PSO2NG isnt come to playstation in global. Only JP has playstation and nintendo change

There are global servers based in buy pso2 meseta xbox the US that everyone plays and a completely separate variant of the game in Japan.