One Person Company is an organization that contains precisely one member. It is a different legitimate element from its advertiser and the advertiser has restricted responsibility. Business visionaries who are equipped to begin an endeavor all alone can utilize OPC registration service provider in Bangalore. In one person organization, there is just a single investor who is an Indian resident and Indian inhabitant for example remained in India for at any rate 182 days in the previous year. The investor chooses someone else as a candidate if there should be an occurrence of death or insufficiency of the investor. One individual organization was presented in the organization's act 2013 to empower self-employment. You cannot join more than one individual organization or be a candidate for more than one OPC. Rules of OPC organizations don't allow Non-Banking Financial Institutions. A sworn statement from each supporter of the notice (for example individuals) and first chiefs, assuming any, that they have not been sentenced for any offense corresponding to the arrangement or the board of any organization, or have not been seen as blameworthy of any extortion or any penetrate of obligation to any organization during going before five years. OPC registration in Bangalore is a different lawful element from its advertiser, offering restricted responsibility assurance to its sole investor.

Archives Required for OPC Registration

  • Copy of PAN Card of investor
  • Passport size photo of the proprietor
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card/Voter personality card
  • Copy of Rent understanding (If leased property)
  • Electricity/Water charge (Business Place)
  • Copy of Property papers (If possessed property)
  • Landlord NOC (Format will be given)

Benefits of OPC Registration

The going with recorded are the benefits or the advantages added with the possibility of OPC enlistment in Bangalore:

  • No Minimum Capital Requirement: Forgetting One Person Company Registration, there is no base whole supported for the capital required. Regardless, the most limit supported capital in case of a Person Company won't, at any rate, outperform the edge uttermost scopes of Rs. 50 lakhs whenever.
  • Limited Liability: Another colossal benefit joined with the possibility of selection of One Person Company is of confined duty. This infers that the danger of the concerned boss is confined to the level of capital contributed by the individual being referred to in the business. In this manner, the individual asset and impacts of the Director will not have participated in case of any mishap achieved by the business.
  • Fewer Compliances: The compliances that are to be clung to for an OPC enlistment are very less conversely for certain different associations. From this time forward, the enlistment of an OPC ought to be conceivable viably that, also, with the least work area work.
  • Greater Creditability: A-One Person Company is focused on getting its books of record inspected each year. This will, thusly, increase the business acceptability and buyer, vendor satisfaction.
  • No Legal Disputes: It is critical to observe that whenever an association registers itself as a Person Company, it shuts the chances of any future legal inquiries between the boss or any pariah.


How to get one-person company registration in Bangalore?

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