Madden 21 coins Has Metacritic's Worst User Review Score of All Time

Yeah that is not happening. The game is geared toward individuals who do not know what meta critic even is. Frankly, at this time, I do not even take care of EA fuckin' over the sports audience. The sports audience is idiotic and has money, so let'em. It is just unfortunate they do not utilize those auto-income earnings to help fund actual projects with restricted stupid. How cool that game could have been studio heads shitting all over it. But nope. Company is scummy through and through. How cool that game might have been without studio heads shitting around it. It would also have been cool if Bioware hadn't had to throw it together in a year because they (Bioware) didn't know what they (Bioware) wanted. Yep I won't ever purchase another BioWare game again after they ruined mass effect then essentially stole a shit load of people's money with Anthem.

BioWare Montreal (currently EA Motive) fucked up Mass Effect. Edmonton and Austin did not get their hands on it before it was much too late. Anthem was a mess... but it's a better at having an Iron Man simulator than Iron Man at that Avengers micro-transaction vessel. A cool realization I came to is, over the last twenty decades, I went from buying every Madden, NHL, FIFA, also (until 2005) MVP Baseball game annually (and other EA titles, including NBA Live some years) to just the NHL and FIFA series, then just to FIFA, and now for the past couple decades, nothing. Maybe I am an outlier, but EA has pissed away everything good they had to possess in their sports games and lost me as a client & participant. I played a few FiFA18/PS4 I think using a friend after a long time, and buy mut coins madden 21 the controls where clunky and dumb. He also had an older version of PES, that was a lot more"fun" to perform, the"flow" was close instant.