Huge learning curve
Path Of Exile is a game that does not contain POE Currency. You will need hundreds of hours and spend a lot of time and energy to understand the content of the game. Therefore, it may be a little difficult for any player who wants to learn everything in the game tutorial.

Ready to mess up your first character
In Path Of Exile, hoping to succeed at the first attempt means that you are a novice. Your idea is beautiful, but the reality is cruel. The game's complex skill tree (or network) and skill gem system build characters layer by layer.

No traditional currency in the game
In Path Of Exile, forget your modern concept of capitalist economy, because there is only a barter system in this game. All items sold by NPC merchants in the game need spheres. This is the game’s artificial currency, and they POE Currency Buy in various forms, and they are becoming more and more rare. You can get better equipment and game items through Buy POE Currency. Unlike gold or other coins, the sphere has no purpose other than monetary value.

New players who want to start Path Of Exile should prepare enough POE Currency. I believe that better game equipment can greatly improve your gaming experience, and you will not be disappointed.