I remember the Rimmington Willows place was pretty decent, not lots of RuneScape gold  people/bots there and you can sell the logs into the shop. Draynor is also good, better than Rimmington but all worlds will probably be packed with other robots or people. For Maples that the Seers Village spot should still be king, near the bank and tons of trees. The perfect would be cutting them about 95 Woodcutting, and even so Willows are still better but a change will do you great and help combat boredom.

Yews I do not really advocate, I only bothered cutting them since Woodcutting was my money making skill and Willows/Maples were not worth much. If you would like to give them a try though I always enjoyed the Tree Gnome Stronghold spots, especially because they were near some Magic trees also.

Either Jagex severely overestimated the size of their participant base, or they need Tuska to win. In the case of the former, we have seen that before with the Falador memorial altar and possibly with all the oldschool referendum, where Jagex retconned the first plans because of overestimating the amount of players. If you take into account the other potential though, things become quite interesting. The event appears to be structured in a manner that discourages victory by players. The amount of damage done to Tuska per assault is miniscule compared to the daily lifebar. It is halfway through the second day and we have barely managed to perform 1/4 the harm required to win.

The first day was a defeat for the players, which many blamed on the fact that the event was outside for just 12 hours instead of 24. However, consider the new release hype inciting gamers to perform a number of times on the very first day. Players have very little incentive to attack Tuska greater than once every day, getting reward points for only 1 raid every day. Thinking about the ordinary RS participant's unwillingness to perform any content with no benefit, we could predict that future attacks on Tuska will be both unsuccessful. Now the question is, what happens when when Tuska wins? Will Zaros pull a ridiculous feat of Deus Ex Machina to buy RS gold save the Earth, and we all pretend nothing happened? Or will future articles entail rebuilding the entirety of Gielinor? Has Jagex even ready for this outcome?