Today, gadgets are an essential part of our lives. The virus that can destroy gadgets is on the rise. Protecting your phones and laptops against viruses is essential. A reliable and trusted antivirus program is essential for this purpose. Antivirus can not only protect your computer from viruses but will also detect and remove any virus already in your system. A high-quality laptop is essential. We recommend "Norton Antivirus" as the best antivirus. Norton antivirus protects your computer and helps you to get rid of any malware. You can also trust it because it was created or developed by NortonLifeLock, in 1991. It can be used on Windows, macOS and Linux platforms. While you will need to pay some money to get this trusted antivirus, the Norton antivirus offers a free trial. It is possible to take the trial and decide if it's worth it.

Troubleshooting Norton Antivirus Not working

Norton antivirus is not perfect for everyone. There could be many reasons why your Norton antivirus isn't working properly. You will first need to determine the cause of the Norton antivirus problem. Next, you will need to solve the problem.

People often have issues with Norton antivirus, whether they are installing, updating, configuring, or configuring it.


How can I fix my computer? Norton Antivirus Live Update Not  is the issue?


Norton Login Antivirus offers the best service, which is the Norton Antivirus live update problems technology. When your device is connected to the internet, Norton antivirus automatically downloads and installs the most recent protection updates. Norton antivirus protects your gadget against new viruses and unknown security threats with this live update.


In some cases, however, the default live update may not be activated. The live update must be activated manually to activate.


To do this,

Navigate to "settings" within Norton antivirus. The "Quick control" option will allow you to see the "Automatic living update" option. You can activate this Automatic live-updating option. You would otherwise have to update the software at regular intervals manually.


How can I fix my computer? Norton Antivirus Extension is not working on the Google Chrome Issue.


Norton browser extension comes with-

Norton safe search - This will let you know everything about Norton Safe Search.

Norton safe web protects you against online frauds

Norton homepage-helps to enable Norton search page in google chrome

Norton password manager - Secure and store your passwords and other personal information.


You might have many reasons why the Norton antivirus extension doesn't work with chrome. Some of these reasons are:

Poor internet connection

Your Norton antivirus subscription is no longer valid.

The Norton antivirus Extension was not correctly created.

Norton extension cannot work if there are excess cookies or caches.


How to solve Norton extension not working problem


  • Start by checking your internet connection.
  • Also, do not let your subscription expire.
  • Third, clear all caches and cookies that are not necessary to enable Norton Extension for Chrome.
  • Finally, delete the extension.
  • Click on "online safety" in Norton's Norton service. Then select "Chrome" in the browser.
  • After clicking the button "setup now", you will be directed to the browser extensions web page. For your safety, you can also install the Norton extensions.
  • Click the "Norton web site" button and click the "add chrome" option to add the extension.

Continue the same procedure for the three additional extensions.


How can I fix the Norton Antivirus Full System scan, not working issue?


The entire system scans all files on your computer for viruses, spyware and other threats. It takes some time, depending on the number of files that you have. Sometimes the scanning system can be damaged and has to be fixed.


Here are some suggestions to fix your Norton antivirus scan system.

You can first shut down your computer. Then, restart it. Try again to scan your system using Norton antivirus. It is possible to uninstall and then reinstall Norton antivirus if the scan fails.

The second step is to uninstall Norton antivirus and reinstall. Save the file to your desktop. Open the browser's download window. Click the "NRnR" button twice, and go through the license agreement. Finally, click "Agree". Next, click on the "remove & reinstall" option to continue. Start your computer again, and then reinstall Norton antivirus.

You might be able to solve the Norton not scanning problem by either of these methods.


Norton Antivirus is not working on Windows 10


Sometimes the Norton antivirus won't install properly or configure. This is due to the pre-installed antivirus on Windows 10 laptops. The antivirus and Norton antivirus conflict and don't work together.

This will allow you to remove the Norton antivirus from Windows 10 and then turn it back on again.


To do this –


First, click on the Windows icon at the bottom left of the screen. Then, enter Windows Defender in your search box. Turn off Windows Defender sections - real-time protection, cloud-based security, sample submission.


Restart your computer and verify whether Norton antivirus works. In the event that Norton antivirus is not working, you'll need to first uninstall it and then reinstall it.




Norton antivirus is the best antivirus to protect your computer from viruses and eliminate any type of spyware. Norton antivirus can be difficult to use for some users. You will find the solution below for each of these problems.



  • Norton antivirus is not compatible with Windows 10.
  • Norton antivirus Full System Scans, Not Working
  • Norton antivirus extension doesn't work on Google Chrome
  • Norton antivirus Lives Update Not Working


The solution to all of these problems can be found in this text.