Even with gate campers this sport is really tame to say mobile games such as Star Trek Starfleet Command wherever your base can be wholly raided by pirates when you're offline. The concept that cellular games need to be safe should have a look at a number of EVE Echoes ISK the cell space games. I still am playing Galaxy for instance and I have lost ships in high sec space whilst doing experience missions.Catering to casual players never causes a better match. Look at WoW. If you'd like a casual match, there at literally thousands out there. Let us have 1 hard core cellular game. God damn...this shit is frustrating. People cannot handle challenges.

You've got a point. Since there's absolutely no link between the two there is not any reason to keep playing echos. Let Echos be for the more casual determined by the player base. This of those who want the complete experience can go perform the"real" game. Gate ganking is even more absurd, since it is really simple for gates to overload and only leave you sitting facing one.Here here! Yeah I'm about 1 boat lost for no reason from quitting. It looks like there was no idea put to it being a phone game. There's still lots of ganking outside in null sec without being one shotted in the gates.

The first time you misplaced a boat you could not replace with a beginner voucher you would have quit anyway.Literally anyone complaining about being unable to Buy EVE Echoes Items play this game mainly afk will be the men and women who'll leave it the second they take any substantial loss.There is a reason space is broken up into safety. You need security? Stay in high sec.