Hello, I've just returned to RS yesterday following a year and RS gold  a half break. I have got quite a few questions if anyone can aid me. Are there robots in the sport, if so are they as poor as they used to be? I used to give presents to people is this not possible now with the new trading platform? Which are the best penis armour and weapons? Is abyss runecrafting simpler today that individuals can not pk in the wildy? Or am I going to encounter revenants a lot now? Has there been any runecrafting upgrades?

Are all of these from holiday events? If a few can be earned in game how can you get them? What is the maximum combat level today? Is Pyramid Plunder nevertheless a good method to increase thieving levels or is there another way which is better? Whats the best approach to boost Agility? What exactly do Swordfish and Shark Gloves do and how do you get them? I believe that is it for now, thanks if anyone can assist with all or some of my questions.

I'm only level 52 but I've managed to get to the part where you need to opt for the route you take. I've tried both the routes but I have neglected them, so could someone give me a strategy to help me get through this part? I'm supplying Ivan with stew every time and I've given him armour. Things that can help: Give Ivan a blessed silver sickle so he can do damage to the Juvinates. There is a safe spot for him, a market in the bushes. If you can get him in there and stand in front of him, they can't reach him. Attack one Juvinate & then the other, alternate hitting them to distract them from Ivan. I think I neglected this bit about 9 days before I finally managed to keep Ivan alive. (Do not remember what my battle level was, but I think that it had been between 50 and 60; I do recall that at one stage I gave up, trained a few strength levels, and came back.)

I am only able to give members to one of my accounts..But I'm using a rought time choosing, Here's some info, maybe you guys can help? Also, go easy, I am new xD... Other Info: All other stats are less then 20, thus meaning small importance. This acc gets the guthix cape and may do claw of guthix outside battle. (Almost finished with zammy aswell.) I haven't any good quests done, besides missing city and MM. It also has a lot of MISC. Items that I like. He is net worth ~2m. And I have no Clue the best way to transfer wealth. ( Idont wanna do BH, to risky.)

Other Info: The account is wiped clean, No money, not once per cent. Has no mage done. I cannot rise prayer with such prices. HE has not done MM (BTW I can not do mmI had my friend do it for me...) This acc has 76qp over 48qp. But runescape 2007 gold once more I am to scared to transfer money. SO PLEASE GUYS, Help me out!!!