I also don't plan on too much money as I'd rather have fast experience. Shilo and monks are amongst the quickest experience-wise, and since it appears that all you care about is the cape, then this ought to RS gold be sufficient to you. That said, I fished sharks from 76 to 99 -- and I still fish bees. It took me 4 weeks, and I have left a lot of money on them and that I have a lot to show for it. Frankly, I could never fathom why anyone would pursue a 99 skill, not want to create money from it, but hey, to each their own.

I recently changed slayer masters into the fourth person, the one which lives in Zanaris. I believe her name is Chaeldar? Anyway, my battle level is 78 and that I was getting bored with all the 40 battle guy in Edgeville's tasks. If I remain with the Edgeville guy until I get a little higher, or simply stick with Chaeldar? Also, using Chaeldar, I got a task of 100 dagannoths. I think they might be somewhat too strong for me personally, so is there some hints of how to handle them?

In regards to yours slayer queries, the higher level slayer masters are developed for a greater leveled player in mind. So every time you get a harder master jobs require longer and therefore are often harder, although saying that you do not have to receive a new task as frequently as you can get more of a single monster to slay per task. So its really up to you weather or not you adhere to Chaeldar or not. Is it worth spending the extra cash on food to get a harder task? Would your new job give far better drops? Its just a matter of preference.

For slaying dagannoths you could bring some prayer potions and use either the shield from magical or protect from ranged prayer, or to get complete protection you could kill dagannoths from the chaos tunnels and utilize the protect from ranged prayer since these ones only use ranged attacks. Likewise some people like to use a cannon to kill dagannoths, but there is the risk of losing your cannonballs in case you die, though you could bring a buddy and they could look after your gravestone in the event of departure.

Basically im doing slayer alot on my zerker pker atm level 65 im leveling fairly quick just need an idea how slayer is without a high attack. I get a 100 or so slash bonus, so far I have all the equipment listed besides flame cape and slayer helm and npcs such as blue dragons etc are buy rs gold paypal fairly easy. I just want confirmation I can take these slayer tasks with some ease with 60 attack.