I am aware of, but that's dumb. If you would like to NBA 2K21 MT include badges/Attributes I don't have any problem with it, but shot's should be the same, height must be the exact same etc.. It's not always bad, for example, when BB tatum launched in myteam, the changes were welcome, because the shot was much better IMO, but I feel like this should have been done before that and then keep it that way, ya understand? Yeah I believe you, I am not disagreeing with you I feel the exact same way. This community is so shit and just cares about better animations instead of players playing them . Yeah I feel you, I am not disagreeing with you I feel exactly the exact same way. This community is really shit and cares about superior animations instead of players playing like them . If this is something similar to a stage ahead, it sounds fine but in reality is trash. Article the features and badge breakdown lol.

What construct is this? I'm out of the loop for 2k21 so far but that seems like a build I'd be interested in trying! He's a good passer. I wouldn't say great. Zion does not orchestrate crimes he's more reliant on passes. I am not saying he can't pass well, it is just I do not think Point Power Forward is the right way to spell out his match. And I think it's a bit of stretch for Tatum also because he is more of an iso player at his best. Bogdanovic is in fact the only one that's true imo. I agree whole heartedly he looks bron more if anything but when zion was to slim down with bis skill set he could play like simmons or bron minus the fact that he has a pair shot he is a nightmare in transition along with a mismatch on defense.

The number of people in this thread with shitty reading comprehension who thinks it states"boban marjonovic" rather than"bojan bogdonovic". Playing domination and triple hazard online/offline are just impossible to make any shots which are not a green light and the sole points I get are away layups, it was not like this in nba2k20, I am just wondering if anybody has a problem with this? I saw they had a upgrade but I do not believe it came out yet and I don't think it effects myteam. From watching some unlimited gameplay, it seems shooting is far easier in unlimited than in tt and dom. Dbg has been greening running leaners from limitless selection, that is not something that you can do in tto or offline. Not sure whats happening in unlimited.

I must have a disability and will call and place my doctor appointment this week if this new shooting functions perfect and just ability gap. I have to Cheap NBA 2K MT have a handicap and will call and place my doctor appointment this week if this brand new shooting functions perfect and only skill difference. I think a virgin with his fingers has better luck flicking the bean right than I do flicking my thumb to hit green shots. Thanks Mike Wang, see what you have done to me.... Maybe If I just buy more sticks and badges and gamers it'll make it all right? That's always the answer.